How To Choose A Mississauga Dog Boarding Facility

Even the most dedicated pet owners sometimes need to travel. Whether heading out on a business trip, taking a vacation, or visiting loved ones, any pets that are left at home need to be properly cared for at all times.

Instead of relying on friends, neighbors, or family members to provide dog sitting services, it often makes more sense to look into boarding. When dogs are boarded, they are cared for around-the-clock by trained professionals, meaning that their needs are always met. Keep reading for some helpful advice on how to choose a Mississauga dog boarding facility.

Personal recommendations are often helpful when searching for a place to board a dog. Try talking to other dog owners in the Mississauga area to see where they board their pets. Recommendations like these are usually a lot more reliable than reviews or testimonials that are found on the Internet.

The boarding facility itself should have someone supervising the dogs 24 hours a day. Always discuss overnight care with the facility to find out how the dogs are monitored or supervised during the middle of the night. A good facility will have an attendant on hand at all times to provide around-the-clock care for the pets that are being boarded.

Before agreeing to board a dog at a facility, taking a tour is recommended. Seeing the facility in person is the best way to ensure that it is clean and well maintained.

It is also important to ask about the number of dogs that are boarded at the facility at any given time. Make sure there are enough staff members available to handle all of the dogs and to give them the individualized attention that they deserve.

Discuss the sleeping arrangements. Top-of-the-line facilities like Doggie Central ( provide dogs with private kennels for sleeping, helping to ensure that they rest easy during the night. Having their own peaceful place to sleep is the best way to make sure that they stay happy and healthy while they are being boarded. For most dogs, it is the next best thing to sleeping in their own homes.

A good boarding facility will also provide dogs with plenty of exercise throughout the day. Dogs do best when they have a chance to run and play. This helps them burn off energy and is an effective way for them to combat stress, helping to ensure that they have a great time during their stay.

If necessary, the boarding facility should also be willing to administer medication to your dog. A pet’s medical needs should always be discussed ahead of time to ensure that the facility is equipped to handle whatever type of care they require.

Choosing the right Mississauga dog boarding facility is the best way to ensure that pets are well cared for when they need to be boarded. A good facility will provide the dogs that they care for with plenty of exercise, lots of individual attention, and a cozy, comfortable place to sleep while their owners are away.